Ms. Therese Scoles

    Welcome to our 8th Grade
  English/Reading and English I Class Page

Ms. Scoles is a graduate of St. Andrews College where she received her BA in English. In 2011, she received her Masters from Walden University in Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas, Grades 6-12.

Ms. Scoles began her teaching career in Sumter, SC at Saint Francis Xavier High school. She spent six years teaching World Literature, British Literature, American Literature, Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Creative Writing, Advanced Creative Writing, and Journalism. She also coached varsity: volleyball, softball, and basketball. She moved to Bennettsville in 2008 and taught for four years at Bennettsville Middle School. In 2011 Ms. Scoles began teaching at McColl Elementary/Middle School where she currently teaches 8th grade ELA/Reading and English I.