Science Links
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Science Fair Sites

 Science Buddies
Ideas, science fair projects, ask an expert, and more

ipl2 For Kids

Science Fair Project Resource Guide   The steps for projects are
explained and many rewources are included to support you along
the way. 

Science Fair Central

Projects and presentations with detailed information for every step.  Projects for all grade levels, from elementary through high school.  Tips for parents to use to support young scientists are included too.

 FOSS Primary  

Website for primary students (grades k-2)

FOSS Elementary

Website for elementary students (grades 3-5)

Kids Space- 
 Scientific Method

This gives a list of sites to get information about the Scientific Method.

Science Made Simple

An introduction to the scientific method plus ideas for projects

Science Fair

Hundreds of science fair projects

Discovery Science

Science Fair projects

Yahoo! Kids:  Science

This site provides information  on all science topics.


How Stuff Works


Fact Monster