We hope you and your child have had a great experience with the start of this school year. Good communication between the child’s school and its parents is essential in having a good school year. Therefore, we want to let you know that our doors will open each morning at 7:15 am. Students should be in class by 8:00; anyone that is not will be marked tardy. Parents please park in the designated areas and come inside to sign your child in when running late. As a reminder, dismissal is 3:00 for Elementary and 3:10 for Middle. These procedures will be put in place Thursday, July 17th. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Together we can ensure a nurturing, educational environment for our students. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school during normal hours. Thanks again!

Family Literacy
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month McColl School works in partnership with Family Literacy to provide Parenting Workshops. The Family Literacy Program's mission is to empower individuals to achieve greater self sufficiency through family education and literacy instruction. During these workshops, parents learn to:
                             *Build Self-esteem
                             *Eliminate power struggles
                             *Discipline without yelling
                             *Be kind and firm
                             *Respond effectively vs. react emotionally
                             *Create an encouraging family
                             *Develop self-motivation
                             *Feel calmer and enjoy being a parent
                             *Develop mutual respect
                             *Minimize hassles, tantrums and tears

Parents, please consider visiting www.scfriendlystandards.org, a site which provides easy access to families regarding what children should be learning in school each year. These family-friendly standards are organized by grade level and address English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The site includes updated content for the Common Core State Standards and is available in English and Spanish. The majority of the content for Common Core on the site was developed by the Council of the Great City Schools. They have developed a 3-minute video which explains the standards to general audiences as well; it is available at http://www.cgcs.org/Page/334.

Teacher of the Year

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Lucille Schauer

Mrs. Schauer grew up in Ohio and attended Wittenberg University. She has a BA in Education with a focus on math and science. This is her 8th year teaching and 3rd year at McColl. At McColl she teaches 7th grade science. Mrs. Schauer lives in Wallace with her husband Tommy.


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